Top five musicals in London that you’ll never forget


London is the city of fashion and art. And why not take a tour of any theatrical musicals when visiting London. London has many live and lovely theatres spread across the places that exhibit the plays that are famous all over the world. This year’s top five musicals to be held in London are:

The Book of the Mormon:

The very famous comic musical, The Book of Mormon is held at the Prince of Wales Theatre. It depicts the story of two notorious teenagers who are sent to the village established in the dangerous area of the Uganda. This funny yet sweet musical has been proved a hit under the direction of South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It has won nine Tony Awards. The show is lovely and you’ll enjoy watching these idiot teens on their wild journey as a part of their Mormon missionaries.


The Wicked is available at the Apollo Victoria theatre and is based on the very prominent novel by Gregory Maguire. The Wicked depicts a great and myriad story of the Witches of Oz and how one of them turns into a bad and evil force and other turns into a good and superior force. This award winning play will surely take you into a magical world and reveal the secrets of the Land of Oz


Who’s the fan of Michael Jackson? Everyone! Michael Jackson has always been in the hearts of the people all over the world and loves him even after these long many years. The Thriller is a musical tribute to the most celebrated pop legend Michael Jackson at the Lyric Theatre. After three renowned tours in other parts of U.K. and the prolonged applause from the entire Europe, it has finally arrived to the London. Don’t miss out the two hour non-stop tribute to the King of Pop this season in London.

Billy Elliot, The Musical:

Even after a decade the “Billy Elliot, the Musical” has continued to win hearts of the people and has proven to be one of the best ways to spend a night in London. The Billy Elliot is held at the Victoria Palace Theatre and is an adaption of very popular British movie, Billy Elliot. It has the music of evergreen composer Elton John and Stephen Daldry as its director. The musical is a story based on an average looking working class boy who gets interested in ballet and starts to fall in love with the ballet. The story depicts the courage and passion of the boy for his interest in ballet and how he proves his passion for the ballet to the people who thinks he’s a misfit for the ballet.

Les Miserables:

Ah! Finally, the famous legendary Les Miserables is being featured in the London. What can be a more beautiful way of spending the night than watching this highly acclaimed musical by the Cameron Mackintosh? The musical is a universal commotion and is credited with the audience of more than 60 million in 45 countries and 21 languages. And is still breaking the records and surprising the audience all over the world. So don’t miss out this once-in-lifetime musical at the Queen’s Theatre in London this year.

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