Top Five Architecture Marvels in London


London is surely the city with rich heritage and history that is depicted in everything available in the city right from the apparels to the buildings. Let’s check out the topmost architecture buildings in London:

BatterSea Power Station:

Although BatterSea Power Station is not open to public, but the occasional guided tours can give you entry to this once famous inverted table like architecture. The building stands like a table that is inverted and its legs are straighten up pointing to the sky. This power station is now a private property of a Malaysian association and is now an abandoned place where you can see the colonies of peregrine falcons and black redstarts. It was once a coal-fired power station situated on the south banks of River Thames. This place with red-brick oddity is also the largest brick-building in the whole Europe.

The Gherkin:

This famous building named Gherkin actually resembles the shape of a Gherkin, which is a form of cucumber used specially for pickles. It is the London’s most famous skyscraper with striking architectural designs made by the highly acclaimed architecture Lord Foster. The most amazing thing about this iconic building is that the each floor of the building rotates five degrees from the one below! This building is now home to some super famous clubs, dinning and bars. So enjoy the whole 360 degree view of the city from this building with a fine cup of tea.

British Library:

The British Library is a true piece of mater architect in itself. It not only has the largest catalogues but also has beautiful Finnish inspired styled famous buildings. The interiors lined up by the red brick façade and airy interiors, gives a pleasurable experience of reading books in such magnetic atmosphere. The main catalogue of the building includes millions of books, newspapers, maps, journals and other sources.

The British Museum:

What can be a more charming way to spend than in exploring the stunning artifacts and pieces in one of the oldest and greatest museums of all over the world? The British Museum has magnificent architecture that could surely remind you of the heavenly Greece. The museum also has many famous antiques, pieces and materials gathered from all over the world like Afghanistan, Japan, Nigeria, Peru, Egypt, Germany and Greece. From the Mughal Dynasty to the Vikings, the museum is filled with the masterpieces. Must see the Rosseta stone!

The Houses Of Parliament:

The House Of Parliament is 900 years old and is also known as the Palace of Westminster. The place has the stunning Gothic architecture with stone facade. The most famous Big Ben clock tower is a part of the Houses of Parliament. The interiors of the palace is filled with wonderful rooms and halls named The Robing Room, The Royal Gallery, the Lords Chamber, The Churchill Arch, the Commons Chamber and many others. Apart from the architecture, Houses of Parliament also exhibits a rich collection of portraits and art pieces from the history. And the statues are also a surprise to the history lovers.

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