Top 5 Not-to-do things in London Nightclubs


Nightclubs in London have rules which are governing the city life. If you never ventured into the belly of the fat purple cow that sits on the south bank all summer or you haven’t visited musical nightclubs in London, there are things you should not do while you are in the city of London. Here are the top 5 not to do things in London.

Do not miss to see a superstar DJ at the ministry of sound.

When you are in London nightclubs, never miss out on the DJ performances at the sound night life. The club is everybody joint of having fan and entertainment. You find a lot of things which are fascinating in the nightclubs and various bars. In the chill out rooms make sure that you have a perfect company to share your night with.

Do not smoke in the prohibited areas.

There are several joint clubs in London but they give restriction where you can smoke from. If you want to take a buff in the night club it is advisable not to smoke from the public lounge. Ask for the nightclubs attendants to show you where the smoking zone is and smoke from. If you smoke in public you might end getting fined by the authority. The city of London has regulation and rules that manages smoking.

Entering the night club make sure you are 18 years and above.

The minimum age to visit a night club in London in 18 years. It is against the jurisdiction of the city of London of you are found in the club while you haven’t attained this age. Always carry you identification card to the clubs to avoid confrontation for the security officers. It is the best place to have a party if you follow the simple rules.

Never carry weapons to the nightclubs.

It is against the club laws to carry sharp objects into the nightclub. It is always advisable you adhere to the rule since it is for your personal security. Clubs in London operate under the law and you are always requested to read them before visiting. When you are found with any weapon in the club you will be tried. Find no other place to have the best partying life like in London
Never go out with paying the bills.

It is quite embarrassing when you get harassment from the bar attendant that you haven’t not paid you bills. It is advisable to clear out all your bill before moving out of the club. Always make sure that you get the services which are equivalent to you budget to be in the safe side. The clubs in London have tough punishment for those who escape without paying.

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