Top 5 Not-That-Expensive Restaurants in London


There are a lot of restaurants in London, you may be looking for those restaurants which are pocket friendly while you are visiting the city. London being one of the biggest city in the world, visiting there can be expensive. You do not need to spend big money to well. It is good to identify the joints which are less expensive but provides all menus. Here are the top 5 not that expensive restaurants in London.

Daddy Donkey, Holborn.

The food joint is located right at the city center. The place is parked up and it offer high quality take away food at affordable prices. Daddy donkey is popular that it needs barrier to manage the queues during peak lunch hours and dinner. The restaurant is vibrant and has friendly staff, remaining one of the top joint for many people. The menus which are offered right here are known worldwide and you will never regret having a meal at the restaurant. The café is quite affordable and have some time visiting the café.

Malletti, Soho and Clerkenwell.

Malletti restaurant is loved by people because of two main reason. The main one is that you order your meal at the entrance. You will never order a meal while you’re on a call or conversing, you will be totally ignored. The restaurant also serves a remarkable pizza. They offer all types of sizes of pizza and you will get the best when you visit the restaurant. The thin, crisp bases are slathered in a wonderfully sweet, nicely acidic tomato pulp and judiciously topped. The joint is popular among people visiting the city.

Yalla Yalla restaurant.

If you are looking for a restaurant along the Oxford Street, then this is a top choice. The restaurant offers a wide range of menus. It is considered as one of the best food hub. It is a cozy bolt-hole where even the budget traveler can afford to have a meal. For the lover hot juicy vegetables, then this is the place to be. All that sweet sour spicy interplay will stoke a fire in your heart and leave a pleasant tingle on your lips. Visit the Yalla restaurants, for the best meals not that expensive prices.

Princi restaurant.

The restaurant is one of the best in London and it offers affordable prices. It specializes on Italian delicacies and you will love this place due to quality food which is served. The restaurant is immaculately designed and is very efficient. Visit the restaurant for your favorite lunch menu. All is offered at affordable prices. It is the best in London which doesn’t stress your budget.

The harp restaurant, Covent Garden.

The restaurant is located at the Covent Garden and it is a one of the places which offers quality services at affordable prices. The restaurant is an oasis of calm and good cheer amid the noise and chaos if Covent Garden and Trafalgar square. There are local ales and you will get all the services at very affordable prices.

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