Top 5 Health Clubs and Spas in London


The city of London boast of several health clubs. There are those reputed due to the services they offer. Getting a health clubs complete with spa is a challenge. That is why this article is going to give you an insight of top 5 health clubs and spas in London. Here are they:

The Berkeley health club & spa.

The club brings calm countryside to the heart of the city whatever the weather. It is located at the 7th floor and it takes a dip in the rooftop pool open direct to the sky. It is the best place to squirrel yourself away in the secret garden or just gaze across the green acres of Hyde Park. It arguably the best health club in London.

The Hospital health club.

The club is renowned in the city of London for its modernized equipment and caring staff. The club is found just off the Covent Garden and it is spread across the seven floors in the glorious 18th century brick building. The club is found in the former hospital and it holds several events. The club also a bar space, lounge, and a three space for exclusive gym and spa. The instructors in the club are friendly and they are ready to help achieve your dreams. If you are new you can ask for any assistance.


The club is loved by quite a good number of people due to its state of the art equipment which are regularly serviced. The gym is plush and gives the occupant an expensive feeling though you do not pay much for the services. The services provided include workouts, latest machines and resistance equipment of the latest technology. The health club offers high tense training, and the instructor are professionally trained to give balanced training. If you are looking to have good health, then the Speedflex club is the place to be.

Third Space

Being one of the most highly rated gyms in London, the Soho’s Third Space health club is as much an experience as a place to get fit. It is set over in a four floor which are interconnected with open steel staircases along the Sherwood Street. The gym contains plenty of uniquely featured facilities such as a tennis courts, a sky lit climbing wall and many free weight lifts. When you register at the gym as a member you will receive additional services which include a gym laundry, trendy juice bar, Wi-Fi, medical center and complementary therapies

Park inn gym and spa

The health club is located at the center of London city. It a typical health club for the senior citizens due to the machines which are available and professional trainers. The club boast of on-site fitness which include a full operating Jacuzzi, a heated indoor swimming pool and a sauna. It is a cool place to relax as a senior. Take a membership and get all the necessary check-ups including the cardiovascular examination. It is meant for you who experience muscle cramps.

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