Top 5 Contemporary Attractions in London


London is one of the top culture capitals of the world and is full of exciting things to see and do. It is the best breathtaking trip on the London eye, you will explore the amazing collections in galleries and the museums as diverse as there are many contemporary attractions in London. Whether you are looking for low budget hotels or luxury 5 star hotels, then it is important to see this article to guide you on which are the best attractions in London. Here are the top 5 contemporary attractions in London.

London Eye.

It is one of the top contemporary attractions in London. The millennium commission announced their intention to build an observation which stand 135 meters over the city of London, and it has remained a top destination for a number of people. London eye has turned out to the finest and most popular new attraction in London since it was officially open during the Queen Victoria’s Great exhibition. The contemporary attractions attracts over 4 million guests every year. You will have an experience of modern engineering, its beautiful look is the center point of attraction. It was constructed in the year in the year 1999, visit here and get the best tour.

St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The site draws the tourist like nothing else in London. You will have the view of the city skyscrapers which is towering above the cathedral. The centerpiece of the great reconstruction of London just after the great fire of the year 1666. It is the main spiritual attraction in Great Britain. The site host royal wedding and birthdays parties. The site also holds the funeral services of top Britain leaders who have passed. It is the best medieval relic’s attraction in London.

British Museum.

It is a top contemporary attraction in London which is located along the Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, London. It was founded in the year 1753 when Sir Hans Sloane left his collection of over 70,000 objects of interest. The British Museum expanded rapidly in the nineteenth century and now it has around seven million objects. It is center point to have the fun and enjoy good life. The museum is a treasure trove of objects from the whole world and the entire span of human history and prehistory.

HMS Belfast.

It is one of the top attraction in London. It is a good place to have some good time. As you will exploring this floating museum, pop into the captain’s Bridge and then head down to the massive boiler and engine rooms, well below the ship’s waterline. The place was launched on St. Patrick’s day 1938 and it has been a top attraction in London.

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